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PolicyHolders - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I determine my effective date?
A: Your effective date can be found in your policy contract on the page titled "Policy Schedule".  The effective date is prominently shown as a line item on this page.

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How can I receive a duplicate policy if I have misplaced the original?
A: You can send us a written request and we will forward you a duplicate policy.

How do I change my address, or make other changes to my policy?
A: For our policyholders' protection, all changes to the policy must be made by the primary insured.  Simply send us a written notification and we will honor your request.

How do I determine the amount of my bank draft?
A: Your bank draft amount can be found in your policy contract on the page titled "Policy Schedule".  The bank draft amount is prominently shown as a line item on this page.  Your bank draft amount can change over time as your age increases or as premium adjustments occur due to medical inflation.  Your bank draft amount can also be found in your monthly bank statement.

When is my premium due?
A: If you are on a monthly bank draft, the premium will be deducted from your account usually on the same day each month, unless that particular day falls on a holiday or weekend.  The premium due date is generally 30 days after the effective date and continues to be due every 30 days thereafter.  For information regarding your effective date, please refer to the question above.

When will I receive a bill?
A: We send premium bills approximately 8 to 10 days in advance of the renewal date.

Why is my name the only one listed on the identification cards?
A: Only the primary insured's name will appear on the identification cards.

Who is covered under my policy?
A: All persons listed on the insurance application are covered unless there is a special endorsement which clearly states a specific person is not covered. 

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